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How I Went From Dull Freelance Gigs to Raising Over $115,000 to Manifest My Dream Project, Grow My Fanbase and Change the World

There I was, an artist searching for meaning in life… being paid to edit footage of drunk people at Mardi Gras.

I had to edit dozens upon dozens of hours of sweaty dancing, silly arguments, and people falling on their faces… into 3 minute clips. It drove ME insane… and I was getting paid for it! Let me explain.


Rewind the clock to when I was 14 years old – young Brendon watched a single video that changed the course of my life forever. All artists have a ‘wake up’ moment like this.


For me, it was a critic breaking down Star Wars frame-by-frame (super nerdy, I know).

It astounded me that a movie could have been crafted with such deliberation to pack every shot with such meaning.


It was in that moment I understood the profound importance of art, no matter what form it takes –taking the workings of the human soul, from beauty to humour to entertainment, and translating it onto some kind of screen to generate meaning.


It takes you to other worlds, inspires you to reach the peak of the loftiest mountain, helps you unwind in the evening. Whatever plugs you into the vitality of life, that’s art.

I Had Found My Calling

I was no fool, don’t get me wrong – the chance of being paid lucrative cash for my endeavours was slim, let alone getting the funding necessary to make my dreams a reality.


But I didn’t care. I wanted meaning in my life more than anything else.

And I was going to get it, no matter what the world told me.


Throughout high school, I worked on more than 50 video projects – not for the exposure, not for the glory, but because I loved doing it. I didn’t stop there – getting into the North Carolina School of Arts was my next step. And I smashed it.


Low budget horror films were the next task I knocked off the bucket list.

Things were going just the way I envisioned.


Then the “Mardi Gras Project” came along to haunt me. I still have dreams about it to this day… more like nightmares!


I was enrolled as the editor for a reality show about Mardi Gras – a comedian would waltz around to various parties and girls would often take their shirts off for the cameras. Obviously this isn’t ‘TV friendly’, so my main job was literally to sit there and blur everything out… for hours and hours and hours.


One by one, I’d carefully color in every individual pixel. Hoo boy – trust me, there were a lot of them. Suffice to say, that was the last straw.


How did I get here? Seriously? The 14-year-old with dreams of painting a tapestry of meaning onto a film screen was sitting here editing the drunken antics of party-girls at Mardi Gras. It made me sick to my very soul.


A kind of sickness only an artist could understand. It was one of those moments where the whole world crumbles down around you.


Not only did it mean that my ‘dreams’ weren’t any closer to manifesting after more than a decade of non-stop grinding, but that the entire enterprise of dreaming was a lie.

“A mighty flame follows a tiny spark."


I Could See My Dreams

Vividly. Every single time I closed my eyes, there they were. But the social infrastructure wasn’t there to support their birth.


I came to understand the sad truth that had left countless artists in a crumbled heap, their light extinguished. One phrase emblazoned on their hearts – a mark of defeat.

“Your dreams won’t come true”


So much wasted potential. So much lost meaning. All while dreadful studios with no ambition besides cold hard cash sapped them dry of every last drop of creative juice.

I cried, not going to lie. I cried a lot.


Then I wished upon a star, just like the heroes that grace the film screen. That day, I made a promise. A promise to escape this matrix of torment and explode onto the world stage. A promise to change the game for every single artist vying to making their dreams a reality.


A promise I would never break

And It Changed The World FOREVER

Like it or not, everyone needs money. You cannot survive without a steady stream of income. Sadly, our culture has placed money, literally just a number on a bank balance, above crafting art to electrify the human imagination.


This is the trap most of us fall in to – we struggle all day to make a living, but at night be dream of something more. Something alive. Something real.


Something meaningful. Most of us ‘settle’ for security over meaning. I can understand that – no-one wants to die alone and hungry, right? But what if you didn’t have to settle? Picture that – imagine your life with all the resources you could ever need, but actually enjoying yourself?


Not merely being ‘content’ that ‘well, things could always be worse, so I won’t complain!’ That’s your brain talking, not your heart. I’m talking about feeling actual joy. “Brendon, you’re being silly. That’s not how the world works.” That’s what I thought too.


It didn’t stop me from changing the world though.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

The Problem Arises When Desire for MONEY Clashes With Desire for MEANING

Every successful piece of art, be that ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Star Wars’, or ‘The Lion King.’ Every top-of-the-world artist, from PewDiePie to Leonardo DiCaprio.

They all began with one thing. The human imagination.


Seriously, that’s where every piece of art finds its genesis. It doesn’t start with a desire to make money. No matter how much the ‘wise’ voices of society shout this down, this is where it all begins.


Every studio has investors, shareholders, a bottom line, and heaps of competition.

They need money to keep going. And that need comes first, nine times out of ten at the expense of the meaning.


There’s no point getting bitter about this – we all know it’s true. And it’s because we know this is the case that budding artists such as yourself will take any job associated with a studio to get that… dreaded word….Funding.


Imagination is the start and end point. That’s the whole point of your art.

But it needs money to get off the ground.


“I know that Brendon. Life is sh*t in that way. But I deal with reality head on. I don’t bullsh*t myself like you seem to be.”


No my friend, you haven’t seen the magic yet. Even though it’s staring you straight in the face.

Escaping That Trap is ESSENTIAL

Rewind the clock 3 years. My desire to fix this mismatch between funding and imagination hit breaking point. It was time I did something about it.

Because no one else was.


It was time to take things into my own hands.


You see, I had been stewing on a creative idea for a while by this point.

I’d seen how film-based activism had been successful in changing the hearts and minds of the public on previously hidden issues.

Remember Blackfish? The documentary about the cruelty of whales in captivity?


Yeah, the water-park industry was never the same again after that.

What started as a slice of the human imagination ended up bringing the world just that little bit closer to the light.


I had a similar idea – I’d learned about the horrors of circumcision and wanted to make the public aware of them. Call me a softie, but the less unnecessary suffering in the world, the better in my book.


To make the shift from ‘nipple blurrer’ to ‘documentary filmmaker’, all I needed was funding.


Forget the concerns around being commercial – that hasn’t been a problem since 1993 when the internet connected all of our lives together.

If you’re passionate about something, countless others will be too.


A quick look at the nichest of subreddits or strangest of Tumblr pages will knock that illusion out of your head immediately.



Then... The Idea Came To Me

Who says we have to go through studios in the first place? Why not use the world as our studio? Synchronously enough, that’s when I came across crowdfunding.


The news of a recent crowdfunding campaign hitting triple it’s funding goal in less than 48 hours stormed across my social media feed. I hardly had a second thought about my new mission after that – these guys had bottled the magic formula.

These guys got it.


It’s funny really – I technically had everything I needed to make my dreams a reality.

Of course, the industry gatekeepers weren’t going to tell me that. They’d much rather sap my soul dry. Not any more.


It’s time for a new paradigm. One where I can turn my dreams into reality. And so can you.

"He who has a WHY can bear almost any HOW."

Friedrich Nietzsche

And I Learned to Turn Dust to Gold

I started a crowdfunding campaign for my documentary idea – “American Circumcision.” No studio was going to touch that with a ten-mile-long stick.


“Far too controversial for our shareholders, my dear boy. Stick to grinding. It’s what works and you ain’t about to change that, son.” Ha. Just watch me.


I spoke to lots of people online to gauge interest – hardly surprising, there was a ton.

I set up the crowdfunding page, asking for $50,000. I prepared my social media content. I wrote the pitch. I reached out to everyone I knew to help make this damn thing public. Then I hit publish.



I doubt you’re going to believe me, but you can go see for yourself (LINK) Within 30 days I’d raised over $90,000. My trailer hit 85,000 views. The movie’s Facebook page got over 10,000 new likes almost over night.


Joe Rogan, the host of the biggest podcast in the world (which gets over 1 billion downloads a month) shared my campaign.


A ton of budding artists flocked to my side to help edit and market the documentary.

I got into the Lonestar and Social Justice film festivals. Yale University hosted me as a speaker. 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang praised it!


Virtually every podcast under the sun reached out to me to appear on their show.


The final product landed on Netflix.


What. In. The. F*ck?


I almost died of happiness.

Turns Out... Dreams CAN Come True!

Of course, we all knew that already.

That voice of promise deep within us that for some reason we never listen to.


There’s a bittersweet truth in here, however – how many of my fellow artists could have done the exact same thing? How many man-hours of tormenting creative souls could have been saved? How many hours of Mardi Gras footage could just be left un-shot?


If only this revolutionary new technology was opened up for the world to see…


To be sure, I tested it again with a second crowdfunding campaign. That too smashed its target instantly.


I had found the answer.

Introducing "Dreams to Reality"



The most important step on any journey is the first step. Take this call to adventure and invest in your dreams today with "Dreams to Reality: How To Create Your Dream project Through Crowdfunding."

Trailer Views
New Followers

You HAVE To Play The Game Properly

Not to burst your bubble, but I’m not about to lie to you. My previous work speaks for itself – I care about exposing truth and generating meaning in life.


So with a heavy heart I need to open up the dark-side of this approach to you.

Even a casual look at a crowdfunding website will show that most projects remain at $0.


“Brendon! Then what was the point of bragging about your crowdfunding campaign? Is this some kind of cruel joke?!”


No my friend. The 80/20 rule that reigns supreme in every industry also applies to crowdfunding projects. 20% of artistic endeavours get 80% of the attention.

That leaves scraps for most. It’s just the way the world works – sadly, unlike the film industry, this cannot be changed. No more so than you can fly.


We want to bring our dreams into reality, right? Hence, we’re constrained by laws of reality. If you’re to ignite your creative spark on the world stage, you need to learn how to do this properly.

Nothing in life is easy, even with this revolutionary new approach. BUT – where there’s a will, there’s a way. You have the will. Now you have been told the way.

But without a roadmap, the chances of staying on “the way” (crowdfunding your dream project) is slim to none.


And today I’m not content with just being a filmmaker, I’ve decided to become a map maker too.


I’ve compiled every single strategy, tip, trick and hack that every failed crowdfunding campaign has missed into a single easy-to-digest video course. Like Napoleon Hill before me, I’ve distilled the science of ‘success’, or as I prefer to call it – the alchemy of dreaming (hey, I’m an artist, what can I say) – into a single resource.


I’m going to walk you through the process step-by-step.

I’m going to just about guarantee that, providing you have that burning passion inside you, you too will let your light shine.

And It's Going To Be Magical

“Your vision will become clear ONLY when you look in your own heart. Who looks outside - dreams... who looks inside - AWAKES.”

Carl Jung

In this 28-part Video Course you’ll learn…

Alternate reality games

Master the art of "Alternate Reality Games" - the secret weapon in the "Dark Knight" marketing campaign.

The 4 questions

Learn the 4 questions you need to answer for somebody to be EXCITED to fund your project and be a dedicated fan!

Your fans are waiting

Discover the shockingly simple technique to discover where your fans are hiding in plain sight... BEGGING for you to talk to them!

How to create reward tiers

Specific case-studies of how the most successful crowd-funders craft rewards tiers that fans are excited for!

The Perfect pitch

Get your ideal fans and high ticket donors begging to hear more about your project in 2 sentences or less!

When to build an audience

Discover the EXACT timeline of when to get started building your fan base! (It's sooner than you think!)

make your dream team

The who, what, when, where, why and how of assembling your campaigns "Avengers" or "Jedi Counsel" and how to manage them!

Predict the future

Gain the ability to see whether ANY campaign will fail or succeed within the first 3 days of launching it.

Social Media mastery

The 3 time-tested principles to making social media content that will have your fans PROUD to promote you.

Persuasive Campaigns

My exact checklist to expertly craft persuasive and stylish campaign pages that stand out against the competition

The exact equation

Set optimized crowdfunding goals that you'll hit every time with THIS exact math equation that's so easy, a 2nd Grader could solve it.

"The Swag Bomb" technique

My secret technique for making VIRAL content. (This got Joe Rogan and Andrew Yang to talk about my project!)

Outplay hollywood

Learn the obvious mistakes Hollywood makes in digital marketing, and the exact playbook to BEAT them.

6-figure campaign video

Learn from an award winning film director EXACTLY how I made the pitch video that got me $100,000 and funded my dream project.

Save Thousands of dollars

Avoid the 3 CRITICAL mistakes that over 90% of all crowd funding campaigns make that cost them thousands of dollars.

The magic of loops

Master the magic of loops to keep people's attention - even if they've never heard of you. (This is like a wizard's spell!)

And so much more. This is the most compact, well-produced, easy-to-understand, course on Crowdfunding you’ll ever find. 

Take action NOW and stop putting your dreams on hold!

Take the First Step Now!



The most important step on any journey is the first step. Take this call to adventure and invest in your dreams today with "Dreams to Reality: How To Create Your Dream project Through Crowdfunding."

The Younger Generation Is Taking Over

YouTube is becoming the new TV, social media is becoming the news, Spotify has replaced the radio.

Whatever your niche, there are thousands, if not millions of people who would love to devour the product of your dreams.

Who ever thought late-night TV would be replaced by teenagers playing video games on the internet, getting paid way more than you can possibly imagine and loving each and every second of it.

My documentary brought the issue I cared about to millions of new people thanks to this revolutionary technology.

It’s time you crafted yourself a new toolkit for this new paradigm.

The fact you’ve read this far is proof that your heart desires a voice.

It's Time You Turned Your Dreams Into REALITY

14-year-old Brendon dreamed a big dream.

“One day, I will create films that will change the world. I will electrify this world with meaning. I will turn my dreams into reality.”

And that dream came true.

All you need to do the same is one thing – the power of your imagination.

Everything else is covered in this course.

I promise you, your heart doesn’t have to suffocate any more. It’s time to turn you dreams into reality.

– Brendon Marotta (@bdmarotta)

“If you can DREAM it... you can DO it."

Walt Disney

Begin Your Journey Today!



The most important step on any journey is the first step. Take this call to adventure and invest in your dreams today with "Dreams to Reality: How To Create Your Dream project Through Crowdfunding."